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Twilight Vs. True Blood poll.....take it now!!!

Courtesy of newmoonmovie.org:

Vampire Showdown – Edward Cullen Vs Eric Northman


InStyle.com has an online poll – are you Team Twilight or Team True Blood? Its Edward vs. Eric: Best Hair,  Teeth,Eyes, Style, and Lady! (Bella vs. Sookie).

Team Twilight or Team True Blood?

Lustrous strands, venomous teeth—we broke down every element of the two hottest vampires out there. Pick your poison.

The Hair
Edward: Textured, deep-auburn, and entirely free-standing, you’ve got to respect a man who’s not afraid of a little volume (and a lot of product.)

Eric: We’ll forgive him for season one’s swingy bob—now his hair is sleek, side-parted, and entirely in control.

As of right now – Edward is losing in every category! Check the poll out and help out Edward!

TAKE THE DAMN POLL!  It's highlighted at the bottom of that paragraph.  I voted all Twilight, sorry True Blood but Edward knocks my socks off any day before Eric does.  I love my True Blood, but just seeing the newest trailer for Twilight (thanks again dreamcullen!), I have my priorities set hehe.

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Nicky wanted to see my pussy....cats. Hehe. Here they are:

~*~Rocky aka "The Adventurer"~*~

~*~Bonnie aka "The Princess"~*~

~*~Clyde aka "The Protector"~*~

~*~Sox aka "The Old Bitch"~*~

My babies....Bonnie & Clyde are my parents' but since I moved back in with them, technically they are mine too :p

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For Twilight Saga and True Blood lovers....

Next Sunday  (9/13) is a monumental night for both True Blood and the Twilight Saga: New Moon.

True Blood will be having it's 2 hour season finale starting at 8CST (I think 2 hours?), and the newest New Moon trailer will be showing during the MTV VMA's around the same time.

So, my question to you is....which one will you watch first and which one will you DVR for later????

I'm thinking True Blood is going to have to wait on the backburner until I see the new trailer.  I am too fucking hyped for NM!!!!  Plus, I don't want to be the last of the Twi-maniacs to see it.  I need it live and in front of my face.  God, I only hope the VMA's aren't as corny as the movie awards were.  I fucking hate MTV and Russell Brand is hosting.....ughhhhh! 

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Movie Rec...if you haven't seen it and you're American...SHAME ON YOU!

"Steel Magnolias" (1989)

Starring: Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Shirley McClaine, Olympia Dukakis, Julia Roberts, Daryl Hannah, Sam Shepard, and Tom Skerritt.

I swear, this may be the ultimate tear-jerker of ALL TIME for me!  Anytime I see it, by the end I've gone through practically 1/2 a box of tissues.  It is such a beautiful film, with sadness but hope and I hope every woman gets to see this film.

I just found out today when watching it AGAIN with my mother that this was based on true events.  Apparently, the writer of this story/play/film actually lost his sister in the way it plays out here.  He was so moved on how dedicated she was to her family and how a small town came together to support their family after the loss, that he wanted to dedicate this story to them.

Please....PLEASE see this film.  You will not be sorry that you did!